Business Name

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Dayspring Ministries of St. Louis "does business as" Daysrping Bible Camp.

Who works for Dayspring?

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We are a not-for-profit, faith based organization who is wholy run on commended workers and volunteers.  All of our fees are supplemented by the generous donations of others.  None of our commended workers or volunteers recieve a salary of any kind.


Registration fees are not tax deductible.  All donations (toward commended workers living expenses, toward scholarships, toward camp projects or general funds, etc.) are tax deductible.

Who do I contact if I have payment questions?

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Tina Davis is the Camp Registrar.  She can help you with your registration or camper payments.

Dave Isom is the Camp Administrator.  He can help you wiht camp rentals.


Both will gladly fill your Customer Service needs.

Will you ship or otherwise deliver camp camp confirmations? Can I order a camp t-shirt and have it delivered?

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You will recieve a receipt for your camp registration.  However, at this time, we do not ship any merchandise.  Camp t-shirts and other items must be purchased in person at camp.  Cash and checks are accepted in the Camp Canteen.

Refund Policy

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Camp registrations are not refundable.  Materials and food are purchased in bulk and  in advance to accomidate campers, and we are unable to return these purchases.   Dayspring Bible Camp relies heavily on the donations of others as all camper fees are subsidized by the generous donations of individuals.  

We wil make every effort to transfer your camper registration fees to another session with in the same season (for instance, we may be able to transfer your registration from Junior or Senior Camp to Sports Camp).  This is completely dependent upon additional sessions in the season's schedule, & space available in the camp session.  If the transer is made from a more expensive session to a less expensive session, partial refunds from the registration is not available.  


Alternatively, we can apply your registration expense toward that of another camper.


For questions, please contact our Camp Registrar, Rise Renth.

Privacy Statement

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We do not sell any information collected through camper registrations (or any other means) to any organization. 

Can I see a list of the camp sessions offered in the 2016 season?

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  • Staff In Training - March 19 - registration:  Free

  • Camp Work Day - April 2 - registration: Free

  • Honors Lodge - April 22-April 23 - registration:  $50 individual, $200 group rate of 5 or more, $30 thereafter

  • Early Bird - April 29-May 1 - registration: $10 plus tuition: $70 (TOTAL $80)

  • Staff In Training - May 7 - registration: Free

  • Women of All Ages - May 20-21 - registration: Donation + tuition (love offering taken at camp)

  • Home School Family Camp - June 13-June 17 - registration $125 per family + love offering for the speaker

  • Fredericktown Day Camp - June 20-June 24 - registration: free for those in that community

  • Arcadia Valley Day Camp - July 4-8 - registration: free for those in that community

  • Junior Camp - July 10-16 - registration: $25 + tuition $135 (TOTAL $160)

  • Senior Camp - July 17-23 - registration: $25 + tuition $135 (TOTAL $160)

  • Sports Camp - July 24-30 - registration $25 + tuition $135 (TOTAL $160)

  • Young Adults - August 5-6 - registration $10 + tuition $60 (TOTAL $70)

  • Family Weekend - September 23-25 - registration $50 individual, $75 for a family + love offering taken at camp

What currency does Dayspring Bible Camp accept?

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All transactions are based on the US Dollar.  We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover (3rd party service fee applies to all credit/debit transactions), as well as check or cash payments.

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